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In the video clips, the interviewees speak about the possibilities and the conditions of education, about the relation between the students and teachers as well as the relation between the students of different ethnic groups. They speak about the education in relation to boys and girls and tell whether or not they were free to express in their mother tongue. Also they speak about how they felt when the University of Prishtina first opened.


She finished her elementary and middle school in Prizren. The parents, and the children too, were university ...video

The city pupils of middle school did not receive any scholarship, only some of the village pupils did. As for the university, the scholarship was not offered until the...video

Relatively good, with improvements during the middle school. During the studies, when professors would learn she was from Prizren, they...video

The tradition of well behaving and respect for the elderly in the house was also observed with the pupils in the school. If you would come across the teacher in...video

Same, there was no difference. It was a spirit which would treat both sexes as equal. Financial situation has made some families not be able to do much about ...video

The education was not the same for the girls as it was for the boys. The situation in the city was very difficult, but in the village it was even more difficult. Maxhide's...video

The positive role of the Albanian language unification; differences in dialects among Albanians from Macedonia and those from Kosovo...video

The use of two written varieties until unification of language in the Orthography Congress in Tirana; participation of personalities from Kosovo in this Congress...video

Due to the political climate, there was little freedom to express oneself in Turkish. The school in the Turkish language opened in 1952...video

Examples of misunderstanding among two Albanians in the Flea Market of Skopje in Macedonia...video

The prejudice of the Serbian pupils against the Albanian ones, as intellectually deprived. Consequently, this influences the relations between them...video

The opening of University of Prishtina; the impact of University education in achieving national aims...video

The opening of the University of Prishtina was considered a great achievement. This was due to the protests of 1968, which later brought the constitution of 1974...video

The path to opening the UP was not an easy one. People got very happy because they knew that with the opening of the University new possibilities are opening up...video

The joy of the Albanians on the occasion of opening the University of Prishtina; the opposition of the opening from the Serbian community...video

The path to opening the UP was not an easy one. People got very happy because they knew that with the opening of the University new possibilities are opening up...video

A good Congress for the Albanians; very important for the time as it eliminated localisms in language which were evident at the time...video

The start of education with own initiative at the age of 9; abandoning the flock in order to attend school; first teacher...video

Learning about reading and writing before going to school; the first poem...video