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Interviews concentrate around the kinds of work the interviewees used to do during the 1960s and 1970s; they speak about how difficult it was to find employment, what were the working conditions, etc. they also talk about how they spent the money they earned.


She had undergone many difficulties and dangerous situations for her. She tells how she had gone to visit her husband Irfan in the Prison of Nis (Serbia) and...video

He did several jobs at the same time. Part of the time he worked as a cinema operator, and the other part in a shop and in private houses fixing radios and TV...video

As she did not have an apartment of her own, the largest part of the money went to paying the rent. She was happy that she did not need to ask the family for...video

The family tradition in dealing with trade; supplying the villages of Gjakova with different goods and closing of the shop from the state authorities...video

Earning personal income through agricultural products, getting agricultural loans, employment in state institutions in 1971....video

As Albanian archaeologists were scarce, it was not difficult to find a job. She worked in the Museum of Kosovo since 1974...video

Employed for the first time in 1962 in the Rastavicë village of Deçan...video

Making a living through selling agricultural products, family foods, paying the taxes to the state...video

The family lived out of an income which, though not high, was sufficient for the well-being of the family. Her father worked in the field of heritage, whereas her...video