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A typical day / most important moments
In this part, the interviewees tell us how a typical day looked like in the beginning of the 1960s and the 1970s. They also speak about the most difficult moment as well as the happiest one. 

Morning spent in the cinema and them mending TV sets in households. Lunch break at noon, and as at that time the films were shown three times a day, he...video

Reading was the main activity of the day after finishing the housework ; mainly newspapers, magazines or novels...video

Going to school, then coming back home, lunch time, learning, games etc. At that time we did not have water inside the house , and had to go to the spring to get water...video

There were different activities during the day, but mainly she focused on her studies in Belgrade....video

A usual day in Skopje, the interest of people to work...video

The happiest moment was the time of exams; it was not easy going to study, as Belgrade was a different world with a totally different environment. Adapting and...video

The high qualification obtained for fixing TV sets in 1965 before a Committee in the city hall building...video

Being admitted to the Faculty of Medicine was the happiest moment...video

The lessons while doing the qualification for fixing radios and TV sets...video

The imprisonment of the husband, Irfan, was the hardest moment in her life...video

There were many difficult moments, among the most difficult was when the Serbian regime fired her father from work....video