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The interviewees speak about the effect of industrialization in their lives. They explain how life in the village changed with the installment of electric energy and the laying of asphalted roads; they remember the day when they installed the first telephone, when they bought their first TV set and other electric devices. In case they have moved from their original place of residence during this period, they tell us how this move changed their lives.


‘Night vs. day’, are the first words uttered when Maxhide speaks about the difference that the 1970s brought in comparison to the 1960s. She tells how for...video

The roads in the city were covered in cobalt. With the development of industry, these roads are layered in asphalt. Children are then taught how to do pirouettes...video

According to family tradition, any innovation was welcome for them...video

He does not remember well apart from the fact that it was done very late. Before there was cobalt...video

She feels sorry for the asphalting of the roads in Prizren. She believes old tradition of roads laid in cobalt stones should have been preserved because they...video

For Maxhide, the first TV in 1968 was a great step forward. When for the first time they switched on the TV, they saw the political prisoners, Skënder Kastrati...video