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Cultural life / media

In this part, the interviewees speak about cultural activities in which they participated; they tell us what sort of music they used to listen to, who were their favorite singers, whether or not they went to the theater or cinema and if they had contact with the cultures from other countries. Also they describe how they would get informed about things which happened and how much they trusted to the media of that time.


Early did she start to publish writings. The first poems she wrote in the fourth grade of elementary school. During the studies she would watch all of the theater...video

The cultural life was quite satisfying. As a young woman she was not involved that much in cultural activities and events, but she was only aware and has...video

Using the musical instruments in the Fushticë e Epërme village, such as the lute, çiftelia etc ...video

Family enjoying the music; personal talent for singing...video

Difficulties due to political circumstances to go to the movies and theater performances in Sllatinë village...video

Maxhide likes to go to the cinema most as she quite enjoys watching films. She speaks about a film, in which the main character is a lawyer who defends his own mother in court...video

She would read the newspapers continuously, trusting them. However, the trial of Adem Demaçi and his friends – in which she was present – and then the...video

The purchase of the first radio and the first listening to the radio in the Qerimi District in Gjakova; singers and music from central Albania mostly preferred ...video

Listening to radio and music in Albanian media and especially listening to Radio Kukës ...video

The existence of a Catholic Church ruins in the Fushticë e Epërme village and the attempts of the Serbian administration to destroy these ruins...video