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Family life

The interviewees speak about their family life; how it was organized, what was the position of the women in the family and society and what was the treatment of the guests in the house.

A happy childhood, a harmony between children of different communities. Different games and finally interest in reading magazines which, while she is...video

A very happy childhood, not because of pleasant circumstances but because parents took care to save them from everything that followed after world War Two....video

The organization of the family unit and the good relations between us the family members, the consensus in reaching the decisions...video

The Shaqiri family at the very outset was larger, and with the increase of the standard of living it expanded even further. The respect for the elderly and the...video

The husband's position was superior to that of the wife, who could not get involved with the issues outside of the household. The split ...video

The woman was equal. With the elderly there were differences in dividing the work. The wife took care about everyone at home. The men of the...video

The father as the only person contributing to the family income...video

The tradition of welcoming guests and seeing them off almost to their house...video

The guest occupies a place of honor and respect and all of the goods possessed by the family have to be offered to them. The guest room was not only for...video

Difficulties and obstacles in practicing the religion for people who were working in state affairs...video

Religious freedom in the declarative sense and the obstacles in practicing the religion for people employed by the state...video

Using traditional toys as a child...video

Tradition and family customs; relations with neighbors; making friends...video