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Sadedin Tyrbedari


Sadedin Tyrbedari, known to his close friends more as Selatin, was born in the city of Mitrovica. After 1941, he moved to Prishtina where he presently lives. He comes from an old Turkish family, the Türbedars of Sultan Murat. The initiator of this family in Kosovo, Haci Ali Buharli, has come with an order from the Sultan from Konya in 1846. Sadedin finished his elementary and middle schools in Prishtina in Albanian language. During his middle school education, he also pursued a course and obtained a qualification for an operator of cinema films projectors, as well as the course for mending radio devices and TV sets. From 1950 up until 1992, when he got retired, he worked as a cinema operator, initially in Fushë Kosovo and later in Prishtina. Now he is retired and lives in Prishtina.

It is the sixth generation of the family, all descendants of Haci Ali Buharali, who had come to Kosovo with an order from Sulltan in 1846...video

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The high qualification obtained for fixing TV sets in 1965 before a Committee in the city hall building...video