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Esad Shala


Born 1942 in the city of Gjakova. He finished his elementary and middle school in his home town Gjakova, and later completed studies in Geography. During 1958-1960 he lived in Skopje. Ever since 1962 he has worked in education, for a while as a elementary geography teacher and later as middle school teacher. Initially he was employed in Rastavicë village of Deçan and later in the elementary school “Zekeria Rexha” in Gjakova. Now he is retired and lives in Gjakova.

The organization of the family unit and the good relations between us the family members, the consensus in reaching the decisions...video

Religious freedom in the declarative sense and the obstacles in practicing the religion for people employed by the state...video

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Examples of misunderstanding among two Albanians in the Flea Market of Skopje, in Macedonia...video

Employed for the first time in 1962 in the Rastavicë village of Deçan...video

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Family enjoying the music; personal talent for singing...video

the purchase of the first radio and the first listening to the radio in the Qerimi District in Gjakova; singers and music from central Albania mostly preferred...video

The change in inter-ethnic relations from good during the ‘60s-’70s, into not good with the beginning of the 1980s...video

The opening of the factories and the jobs in the city of Gjakova; positive changes during the 1960s and the 1970s. ...video.

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A lecturer in the elementary school "Zekeria Rexha" during the 1968 student protests; suspicions about the organizers of these protests...video

The drafting of the Constitution by some Gjakova intellectuals 1974 ; more advanced rights for Albanians with this Constitution...video

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