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Born 1938 in Fushticë e Epërme village of Drenica. Finished elementary school in his hometown. For a long time he worked in agriculture and construction. Later he worked in different... more

Born 1942 in the city of Gjakova. He finished his elementary and middle school in his home town Gjakova, and later completed studies in Geography. During 1958-1960 he lived in Skopje...more

Maxhide Shaqiri was born in 1951 in Gjilan. She finished her elementary and middle school in Gjilan. Then she finished her university studies of medicine/gynecology in Prishtina ...more

Born in Prizren on 22 October 1950. She finished her elementary and middle school in Prizren, while the studies on archeology she completed in the University of ...more

Sadedin Tyrbedari, known to his close friends more as Selatin, was born in the city of Mitrovica. After 1941, he moved to Prishtina where he presently lives. He comes from an old Turkish...more